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When it comes to the low end, Fender basses provide the counterpoint to the company's storied electric guitar line. Fender basses can be found on stages around the world — as well as nearly every high-end recording studio, where their ability to sit in the mix makes them an essential tool in any producer's kit.

Bananas at Large® is proud to carry an extensive selection of Fender basses at every price point. Explore our catalog below or keep reading to learn more about the company's current lineup of instruments.

Fender Bass Models

Fender's bass lineup is somewhat more streamlined than its sprawling selection of guitars, though that doesn't mean there aren't a wide range of options available. Three models you'll find in the Bananas online store include:

  • Precision: The original — and in many players' eyes, the best — Fender bass, the P-bass, was released in 1951 and has been heard on countless recordings since. The Precision bass is known for its simplicity, with just two controls — volume and tone — providing its characteristic thump. From heavy rock riffs to sinuous cumbia grooves, the Precision bass is a certified workhorse that's great for all styles. If you're going to own just one bass, there's no more obvious choice.
  • Jazz: Originally released in 1960, the Jazz was the second Fender bass released to the public — the yang to the Precision's yin. With two single coil pickups, it's brighter and more tonally focused than the P-bass, with a sound that could be described as articulate or aggressive depending on how it's played. Though suitable for all genres, Jazz basses' unique characteristics make them great for funk, dance and, yes, jazz.
  • Mustang: Fender originally released the Mustang bass as a counterpart to its budget-friendly Mustang guitar line. Over the years, however, it has evolved into a unique model with its own set of dedicated fans. All Mustangs are short scale models, measuring 30 inches long to the Jazz and Precision's 34 inches. This length makes them great for players with smaller hands while giving the Mustang some unique tonal properties.

Of course, these models are just the starting point for exploring Fender's bass options. There are also several different series to consider. Squier manufactures authorized entry-level versions of many Fender basses as well as some unique one-offs. The Mexican-made Player series is the most affordable entry point to the Fender lineup proper — and an excellent choice for serious amateurs and budget-conscious pros alike.

U.S.-made models include the Performer and Professional series as well as the deluxe American Original and American Elite models. Looking for something really special? Consider a Custom-built or Masterbuilt bass from the Fender Custom Shop.

Buy a Fender Bass Near You

There's no better place to buy a Fender bass guitar in the California Bay Area than Bananas. We offer friendly advice from our no-pressure sales team and a carefully curated selection of some of the brand's best sellers. Shop online today or visit one of our two locations — you'll find us in Santa Rosa and San Rafael.