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Leo Fender is famously known as making the electric guitar commercially available by mass-producing these solid-body guitar. From the beginning, when you play a Fender electric guitar, you're playing an instrument with a history that connects you to the very start of popular music.

However, despite this pedigree, Fender has continued to innovate, enhancing the playing experiences of beginners and pros alike while making quality instruments accessible to people who don't fit the typical musician's profile. This big-tent approach is perhaps what's most impressive about the company today. Fender instruments are used and enjoyed by musicians of all ages, genders and genres — all around the world.

Whether you're buying your first Fender or your 50th, shop a company that shares your passion. At Bananas at Large®, you'll find a large inventory of Fender electric guitars for sale, from entry-level models to pro-grade, Masterbuilt instruments. Explore our current selection on this page or visit one of our two Bay Area locations today.

Model Overview

When we say there's a Fender guitar for everyone, we mean it. However, understanding the company's lineup can be confusing. Here's an overview of some of their most popular models:

  • Stratocaster: The iconic Strat has a clear, chiming tone suitable for everything from jazz to heavy metal music. Its most common configuration features three single coil pickups (SSS), though other models offer different tonal capabilities.
  • Telecaster: Second only to the Strat in popularity is the Telecaster, which actually predates the Strat by several years. Though known for its brighter, twangier tone, the Tele is, in fact, a highly versatile guitar in its own right.
  • Jaguar: Originally introduced in the early 1960s as Fender's top-of-the-line model, the Jaguar has gone on to be a favorite of anyone who values its unconventional style and slacker string tension. Its unique switching system makes it extremely versatile, giving you a wide range of tones at the flick of a switch or the turn of a knob.
  • Jazzmaster: Though similar to the Jaguar, the Jazzmaster is its own animal — more conventional in its circuitry, it's an excellent option for anyone looking for authentic Fender tone in a distinctive package.

Additionally, Fender manufactures several broader product lines that include iterations of many of the above models. As of 2018, the made-in-Mexico Player series is the budget-friendly intermediate line, suitable for working pros and amateurs alike. The U.S.-made Performer and Professional series are the next steps up, while the American Elite, American Original and Parallel Universe series offer unique takes unlike anything else in the Fender catalog.

This page isn't a comprehensive overview of Fender's electric guitar lineup. As you browse our inventory, you're likely to find interesting variations like Custom Shop one-offs, signature models and more. Ultimately, the only way to know which is right for you is to pick one up and start playing.

If you're in the Bay Area and looking for a Fender electric guitar dealer near you, be sure to stop by either of our two locations in San Rafael and Santa Rosa. We have a large selection of Fender electric guitars for sale and would be happy to help find one for you.