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Glen started his musical career as an apprentice to Hideo Kamimoto at Stu Goldberg’s Marina Music in the early 1960s. Hideo is considered to be one of the finest luthiers in the world.

Once he finished his apprenticeship and started making a name for himself, he moved to the newly formed Bananas At Large with Fred Waxler and Billy “Banana” Stapleton (formally of Don Wehr's Music City).

Glen became the head repair tech and Luthier for Bananas At Large while it was in San Francisco. He did go out on one or two of the renowned Guitar hunts with Billy as well.

While at Bananas, Glen designed and manufactured the Badass Bass Bridge with Leo Malliaris of Leo’s Music in Oakland. Glen left Bananas with the success of the Badass Bass Bridge (and shortly the refined version; Badass Bass Bridge II), which allowed Glen to buy local music store Satterlee and Chapin in 1979.

Glen maintained the Badass Bass Bridge II going through distribution and licensing while starting a Custom Drum Company called ROC. ROC was a series of 9-25 piece drum sets built in the Republic of China (long before the Chinese instrument boom).

Glen Quan, a legend in the Bay Area music scene and an integral part of its development in the early 60’s-80’s, was a player, collector, and innovator for his entire life.

Glen passed away in 2018, and we are proud to bring Glen and his estate home to Bananas at Large.

Glen Quan on one of his prized Bernie Kassel Gibsons

Photo: Stu Ackridge (Guitar), Glen Quan (On one of his prized Barney Kessel Gibsons available in this collection), Mike King (Conga), Brandt Larsen (Bass)