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To provide high-quality (and affordable) recording and live sound gear.

Mackie is known worldwide as a leading developer and marketer of high-quality, affordable professional audio systems. Mackie products can be found in professional and project recording studios, video and broadcast suites, post production facilities, sound reinforcement applications including churches and nightclubs, retail locations and on major musical tours.

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Mackie MR Studio Monitors

Trusted by engineers, sound techs and musicians the world over, Mackie studio and PA equipment offers exceptional quality, crystal clear sound reproduction and versatility to fit into any workflow. The company's products include powered and passive speakers, studio monitors, mixing boards and more.

Discover the difference that quality equipment can make by choosing Mackie for your studio or rehearsal space. Bananas at Large® carries a selection of products at different price points for any application. Explore our inventory below or stop by one of our two Bay Area locations to learn more.

Mackie Loudspeakers and Portable PAs

Use Mackie loudspeakers in rehearsal rooms, venues and bars. The company's Thump series of powered speakers offers exceptional value in any application. Key features of this innovative new line include:

  • Amplifiers: Built-in Class D amplifiers with Dynamic Bass response technology, delivering up to 1300W per speaker without the need for an external power amp
  • Mixers: Onboard mixers with high-quality preamps, offering seamless interfacing with XLR, line and instrument level signals, with optional Bluetooth connectivity
  • Modes: Application-specific speaker modes for optimal performance whether you are using it for live performance, music playback, speech or more.
  • Power Correction: Automatic power factor correction to ensure you always have enough juice for consistent, reliable performance

The Thump series includes 12" and 15" powered speakers, and 18" subs. For solo performances or smaller venues, the company also manufactures portable options like the SRM series of loudspeakers. Flexible, easy to use and surprisingly loud for such a small footprint, Mackie SRM speakers are an economical way to get great sound on the go.

Mackie Monitors and Studio Gear

Mackie products are good for more than just live applications. The company's mixers, controllers and studio monitors can be found in high-end recording environments — while remaining economical enough for project and semi-pro applications, too. Key products include:

  • Mixers: Mackie mixers include low-noise preamps, highly musical EQs and onboard effects, and versatile bussing options that allow them to fit into any studio. Use them for signal routing or, with optional USB connectivity, recording directly to disk at live shows.
  • Studio Monitors: Capture every detail of your recording and create better mixes with Mackie studio monitors. The company's products offer unmatched clarity and accuracy across a broad frequency spectrum, at a shockingly accessible price point.
  • Controllers: The Mackie Big Knob control is a mainstay in studios of every size, putting input, playback and monitor controls at your engineer's fingertips. The newest models feature high-resolution Onyx preamps and USB connectivity that augments your existing recording setup or eliminates the need for a separate interface.

Other Mackie gear for sale at San Francisco's two Bananas at Large® locations includes headphone amplifiers, passive DI boxes, wireless digital mixers and more.

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