Promark Drumsticks

Drummers know that not all sticks are made equal. While every musician has their preference, what's universal is that when it comes to maintaining a steady rhythm, only your stick of choice will do.

Promark drumsticks offer consistency and quality you can count on when you're rehearsing, at the gig or in the studio. From jazz to metal and everything in between, pros who know trust Promark.

Brand History

Herb Brochstein, a professional drummer and drum shop owner, founded Promark in 1957. Based in Houston, the company continues its focus on local manufacturing, with a 90,000-square-foot production facility and a separate mill where raw materials undergo an extensive selection and pre-finishing process to ensure consistency and quality.

Environmental stewardship is a Promark priority. The company was the first to introduce sustainable Japanese Shira Kashi™ oak to the U.S. Other woods, including hickory and maple, are harvested from responsibly managed sources.

In 2011, D'Addario acquired Promark, buying the company from Herb Brochstein's son Maury. Though no longer a family-owned business, Promark continues to maintain its core priorities while manufacturing drumsticks and accessories for some of the world's leading musicians. Notable Promark users include Neil Peart, Ringo Starr, Phil Collins and Mike Portnoy, among others.

Product Lineup

Promark manufactures a complete selection of drumsticks, broomsticks, rods, mallets and brushes as well as gloves, cases and other accessories. The company offers sticks in all sizes and diameters, made from several types of woods, with both wood and plastic tips. You can explore the current selection of Promark drumsticks available for sale at Bananas at Large® using the links below.

One notable feature exclusive to Promark is the company's ActiveGrip™ technology. ActiveGrip™ drumsticks feature a heat-activated coating that adjusts its tackiness the more you sweat, providing better grip when you need it and a more natural feel when you don't.

Drumstick Sizing and Material Overview

Most drummers already have a favorite size and type of stick. For those new to the instrument, here's a quick overview of your options:

  • Sizing: Drumsticks use a standard sizing system with a number and letter denoting their weight and diameter — 5A, 7B, 2A, etc. Higher numbers mean a lighter stick. Likewise, the further along the alphabet you progress, the wider the diameter. Lighter, narrower sticks are considered better suited to jazz and other styles that require more dexterous, nuanced playing, whereas rock, metal and other hard-hitting genres typically call for heavier sticks.
  • Wood type: The choice for wood makes a subtle but significant difference in how a drumstick handles. Maple absorbs energy well, which means less fatigue after a long playing session. Oak is sturdier, which makes it more durable but means you feel each hit more. Hickory offers a good compromise between the two.

As with any musical tool, the best way to know which stick is right for you is to try out several. You can do so by visiting either of the two Bananas stores, where we always have a large selection of Promark drumsticks for sale. Visit us in Santa Rosa or San Rafael today.