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Roland AIRA Synths and DJ Equipment

Innovative electronic music creators are always on the lookout for the latest instruments and production tools. Bananas at Large® has a carefully chosen selection of Roland AIRA synths and DJ equipment for sale — shop online or visit us in Santa Rosa or San Rafael for a hands-on demo of any of our products.

The Roland AIRA System

Roland synths and drum machines have played a critical role in the development of techno, jungle, ambient and other electronic styles. However, the AIRA series, introduced in 2014, is the company's first line of products developed specifically with DJ and electronic producers in mind.

Taking the sounds of some of Roland's most iconic instruments and updating them for modern workflows, AIRA products are equally at home in the studio and on the stage. Whereas classics like the TR-808 and TB-303 were invaluable in the studio, few would argue that they were useful tools for live performance. AIRA changes that.

As an ever-expanding collection of "plug-out" tools, AIRA hardware emphasizes spontaneous creativity while fitting seamlessly into a modern studio environment. Key products include:

  • The TR-8 Rhythm Performer: A modern recreation of the classic TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines using Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology
  • The TB-3 Touch Bassline Synth: Puts the sounds of the legendary TB-303 in a modern package, with a pressure-sensitive touchpad and other improv-friendly features
  • The SYSTEM-1 Synth: Combines an extensive library of onboard sounds with plug-out technology that lets you access and store recreations of Roland classics like the SH-101 — no computer connection required

The AIRA series is continually expanding — as the company introduces new products, we will continue to be your source for everything you need to create, shape and play with sound.

Roland DJ Equipment

Used with or without AIRA synths and drum machines, Roland's DJ equipment sets the standard for intuitive performance. The DJ-505 controller contains a wealth of tools for mixing, beat creation and improvising. This two-channel, four-deck controller is fully compatible with Serato DJ PRO, synching with your existing tracks and letting you create unique transitions and live remixes.

The DJ-505, like other Roland DJ equipment for sale in our two San Francisco Bay Area stores, includes a built-in sequencer with onboard sounds recreating the classic drums of the TR-909, TR-808, TR-707 and TR-60. A small footprint makes it easy to transport from gig to gig, while a wide range of outputs and inputs provides versatile solutions for monitoring and performance in any club.

Explore Tools for DJ and Producers Today

Too many music stores are guilty of giving electronic musicians the short shrift, with limited selections and few experts on staff. Bananas is different — we believe all genres are important and take care to ensure we have tools available for every musician.

Our staff can help you make an informed purchase, whether you're looking to get into production or DJing or are an experienced pro looking for new tools. Visit either of our two locations for assistance today. You can also contact us online or call or text us at 1 (888) 900-1959 to get the assistance you need.