Roland Electronic Drums

Get the ultimate expression with electronic drums from Roland

These days, producers and performers are just as likely to create a rhythm track digitally as they are to rely on acoustic instruments. Doing so in a way that retains a drummer's full range of personality and nuance requires sophisticated tools. That's where Roland's electronic drums and percussion instruments come in.

Bananas at Large® is proud to partner to Roland, offering a wide range of drums, samplers and accessories for sale. Online or in person, we are the best place to buy Roland electronic drum kits, cymbals and more.

Roland Drums & Percussion

Electronic Drum Kits

Thinking of adding an electric drum set to your production toolkit? Roland products are excellent, versatile tools for intuitive beatmaking. The company's V-Drums line includes everything from feature-packed entry-level kits like the TD-1K, to professional-grade instruments like the TD-50KV-S. Use a Roland drum kit to:

  • Create, quantize and chop up loops for hip-hop, dance and electronic music
  • Lay down rock-solid drum tracks for all types of music, using realistic, genre-appropriate samples that fit seamlessly into the mix
  • Hone your precision and playing style using a wide range of educational tools
  • And more

Even Roland's entry-level drums contain advanced features, such as a built-in library of 15 kits, full support for techniques such as cymbal chokes and advanced hi-hat playing, as well as a modular design that permits expansion with additional cymbals, kicks and more. Upgrade to a full-featured, pro-level product with multi-sensor snare and ride pads, granular editing capabilities and a wide range of connectivity options for practice, studio work and live performance.

Sampling Pads and Trigger Modules

With Roland products, there's always more than one way to build a beat. In addition to industry-standard tools like the V-Drum series, the company also manufactures sampling pads, drum triggers and other products that can help any musician create expressive drum tracks.

Use the Roland TM-6 trigger module to enhance any acoustic kit with a wide range of sounds and effects for live performance, or to lay down MIDI tracks in the studio. Roland sampling pads can mount to an acoustic kit, with the added benefit of being easy to use by non-drummers in a live or recording setting.

Amps and Accessories

We carry a wide range of Roland electronic drums for sale in our online store and two San Francisco Bay area locations. We're also your source for accessories, including amps and personal monitors, upgraded cymbals and kicks and more. Explore our inventory online— individual product pages contain detailed specs and more information that can help you make an informed decision.

Shop Online or In-Person

If you're in the San Francisco Bay area, there's no better place to buy Roland cymbals, drums and related products than Bananas. Come down to one of our two stores — conveniently located in San Rafael and Santa Rosa — and try out any of our Roland products in person.

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