Roland Home Pianos

Roland digital pianos offer pristine sound and modern features, making them great for everything from home practice to concert recitals. The company's products range from entry-level instruments that will start beginners on the right foot to professional-caliber digital grands that accurately reproduce the nuanced sound and response of an acoustic model.

Whatever you're looking for in a digital piano, there's a good chance Roland offers it. Bananas at Large® is a longstanding Roland dealer. We're proud to carry a selection of some of the company's best products. Shop our online store or visit us in person to try a Roland piano out in person.

Roland Digital Pianos: A History

Roland has long been an innovator in digital piano technology. The company's current lineup of products has its roots in the EP-10 — an electronic, oscillation-based combo piano, released in 1973. The following year, Roland released the world's first touch-sensitive electric piano, a major leap toward truly embodying the sound and feel of an acoustic instrument.

Later innovations included the launch of the MIDI protocol in 1983, which allows instruments and equipment to communicate using a common language. In 1986, Roland released the classic RD-1000 with SA (Structured Adaptive) technology, which quickly became an industry standard.

Today, Roland continues to refine its sampling and synthesis technology. The company's current lineup of products offers truly realistic sound and advanced features that are useful for both beginners and working pros.

Why Go Digital?

Roland's digital home pianos have come a long way since their early beginnings. Choosing a digital piano over an acoustic model means never having to tune or invest in ongoing maintenance. It also gives you access to modern effects, training and composition tools. Any of the Roland digital home pianos we have for sale will offer exceptional long-term value while bringing joy and music into your life for years to come.

Roland Home Pianos

Our selection of Roland portable pianos for sale includes options for all musicians. Beginners, or anyone who wants a straightforward, cost-effective home piano for practice, will love the GO series. Designed for creative expression, the GO-61K and GO-61P include Loop Mix technology, which makes it easy to layer sounds and create a fully formed song from the ground up. Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and enjoy free access to an extensive library of lessons and other tools to hone your skills further.

To take the next steps, consider upgrading to the RP-102 or F-104R, two premium home pianos that offer pro-level sound in an apartment-size package. Alternately, the Roland GP607 features a graceful design inspired by the great grand pianos of the past.

Shop Roland Portable Pianos at Bananas at Large

Whether you're an experienced professional looking for an instrument that will inspire your creativity, or a parent looking for their kids' first piano, we can help. Our knowledgeable sales team is committed to matching every customer with the best product for their needs and helping them make an informed decision in a no-pressure environment.

Come by either of our two San Fransisco Bay Area locations for assistance, or shop the selection of Roland home pianos for sale in our online store today. You can also contact us online or call or text us at 1 (888) 900-1959 with any questions.