Roland Keyboards & Synthesizers

Synthesizer pioneer Roland is responsible for some of the most innovative sound-manipulating tools from the past 40 years. And while iconic instruments like the Juno and Jupiter synths and the TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines have shaped generations of popular music, the company is just as well known for high-quality home keyboards and digital pianos.

Whether you're looking for an instrument to use during practice, performances or production, Roland's expansive selection of keyboards and synths has something that will take your creativity to the next level. Explore the Bananas at Large® inventory or visit us in person to try out any instrument.

Roland Keyboards

Roland home keyboards combine pristine sound with smart features that make learning and creating easy. The entry-level GO series features an authentic touch response keyboard, an extensive library of sounds and sound shaping tools, and Bluetooth support for accessing apps.

On the higher end, Roland also manufactures concert-ready stage pianos that employ the SuperNATURAL sound engine and include premium features such as weighted keys, hybrid wood construction and a pro-level suite of onboard effects.

Roland Synths: Definitions and History

The line between keyboard and synthesizer is often blurred — the main distinction is that synths have deeper sound editing and manipulating capabilities. While today's synthesizers can create accurate reproductions of many acoustic instruments, they also give musicians an expanded pallet of out-of-this-world tones to work with.

Roland's synths are legendary. The deep bass sounds of early monophonic models like the SH-101 and TB-303 have driven countless dance and techno records, while polyphonic classics like the Jupiter and Juno series defined the sound of 80s pop with sweeping strings, warm pads and funky leads.

Roland Synths Today

The current lineup of Roland synthesizers and sound modules pays tribute to the classics while adding upgrades that fit into a modern producer's workflow. The JD-XA is a versatile workstation that combines the warmth of analog synthesis with the stability and deep editing capabilities of digital. The all-digital JUNO-DS88 features a fully weighted 88-key keyboard and an extensive library of high-quality presets for every genre of music.

Some of the most exciting Roland synths for sale today come from the company's Boutique series. The TR-08 and SH-01A are both faithful reproductions of classic instruments, in a smaller form factor — making them perfect for on-the-go musicians. The SE-02, a collaboration with Studio Electronics, is an all-analog monosynth with a vintage-inspired sound but no direct predecessor in either company's historical lineup.

Keyboard and Synth Accessories

Finally, in addition to our selection of Roland digital keyboards for sale, we also carry a variety of amplifiers, accessories and more. Follow the links to browse our catalog and visit individual product pages, where you'll find detailed product specifications.

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