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The drums are an awesome instrument to learn. When you learn a percussion instrument, you almost always end up learning way more than you originally planned. Percussion is one of the most fun types of instruments because it includes everything from drum set to cajon to tambourine.

If you're just starting out, like with any instrument, you need to get all the right gear. But unlike other instruments, you're not just picking up one thing, like the acoustic guitar.

A drum set configuration can range from very simple to super-complex. Just look at the setup of any one of your favorite bands' drummers — there's probably a lot more going on there than you think!

But when you're learning, you should start with the basics. There are some great starter drum sets out there to get you started playing this fun instrument.

What to Look For

If you're looking for your first drum kit, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. A drum set seems pretty complicated to any beginner, even in its most basic form. We've put together these things to look out for and think about when you're shopping for a starter drum kit:

  •  Intended use: Are you learning drums so you can start a band? Or are you a music producer who wants to use the set mainly for recording? How you plan on using your drum set can help you decide what starter kit to buy. It's important to consider how you'll use the set now and also how you'll use it in the future.
  • Size: Most kits are designed for anyone who is five feet or taller. If you're buying for a child or someone shorter than five feet, you'll need to buy a kit in a different size.
  • What's included: Not all drum sets are sold with the exact same pieces, including starter kits. Before you begin looking around, figure out all the pieces you need or want for your setup and then try finding a kit that includes as many of those pieces as you can.
  • Needs vs. wants: When you're starting out, you need to distinguish what you absolutely need in your setup and what you want. Keep in mind that you can always add new gear to your setup over time.
  • Acoustic vs. electronic: While some drummers think acoustic is best, electronic sets can sound just as good. And there are some perks to going electronic over acoustic — they're not as loud and they're better suited for recording.

Thinking these things through will get you better prepared to go out and find the best starter kit for you.

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