Yamaha APX Series Acoustic Guitars

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Although its style has evolved, the essence of the APX remains the same. Today, it boasts a more natural look, a deeper body for better bass response and greater volume, and a new non-scalloped bracing pattern for a responsive, dynamic tone.

  • Body depth and Bracing pattern
    The APX’s thin-line body offers incredible comfort, top-fret access, and a sound perfect for on-stage use. Specially designed non-scalloped X-type bracing maximizes body resonance for full, natural tone.

  • APX Soundhole : Oval
    The instantly recognizable APX soundhole thickens lower-mid response and gives a more strident, open low-end.
  • Electric system : Piezo pickup system for APX600
    This pickup uses individual elements for each string to give an ultra-clear, ultra-wide bandwidth signal with far better dynamic response and tonal accuracy than a regular piezo pickup.

  • Electric system : A.R.T. system for APX700II
    A.R.T. pickup was designed with a multilayer structure consisting of various materials. Because the pickups are fitted directly beneath the top board and capture sound from both the guitar’s top and the air inside the body, its natural resonance is preserved.