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There comes a time when their talent outgrows their first instrument. They’re ready to step up to the next level.

Yamaha Portable Keyboards

Yamaha's portable keyboard models bridge the gap between pro quality and entry-level accessibility. Great for beginners but with sophisticated features and elevated sound quality that will satisfy any professional, the company's products offer exceptional long-term value.

Bananas at Large® is proud to partner with Yamaha and offer a carefully curated selection of its best instruments. We provide a carefully chosen collection of some of Yamaha's best — and bestselling — portable keyboards. From budget-friendly models suitable for those just beginning their musical journey to workhorse instruments for daily practice and performance, Yamaha manufactures portable keyboards for every customer.

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Intuitive Keyboards That Make Learning Fun

At Bananas, we believe music should be a joy. That's why we take care to stock products that make learning enjoyable and intuitive. Yamaha's portable piano models contain features such as built-in audio recorders that allow you to review your performance and lighted keys that provide a valuable training aid as you begin to navigate the keyboard.

All PRSE models feature the Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.), a set of built-in lessons that help with timing, chords, scales and ear training, among other critical musical skills. Even if you've been playing for some time, there's a good chance you can still benefit from these useful tools.

World-Class Sound in a Portable Package

Make no mistake — Yamaha's portable pianos are more than just learning tools. Advanced synthesis engines and pristine samples put world-class sound right at your fingertips. From dynamic, expressive pianos to fat synth basses and pads, Yamaha keyboards offer a diverse palette for all genres of music. A variety of onboard effects further expand their creative potential, making Yamaha products the best choice for composers and performers alike. Check out individual product pages for full specifications and more information.

As seasoned keyboardists know, great tone is in the fingers as much as it is in the instrument. That's why Yamaha portable keyboards feature touch-sensitive keys for a more responsive feel, giving you additional control over your sound and replicating the natural response of an acoustic piano.

Find Your Ideal Instrument

Yamaha manufactures an extensive lineup of portable keyboards — finding the right product can be a challenge. That's why we've carefully curated our inventory to provide quality options for beginners, intermediate musicians and experts.

If you're just starting out or buying a keyboard for a young, budding player, the entry-level PSR-E263 contains everything you need to get started, including a 'survival kit' consisting of a foot switch, headphones, extended warranty coverage and up to $200 in rebates. More experienced musicians looking to upgrade should consider the PSR-EW410, which offers a 76-key keyboard, or the pro-level DGX-660, which includes an expanded sound set and full-size piano keyboard.

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