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D16 Vintage Tube Distortion. Redoptor is a high quality Vintage Tube Distortion emulator. The popularity of tube distortion units are as a result of their superiority over the solid-state fuzz distortions which are based on transistor clipper circuits.As the sound source falls in volume in its release phase the harmonics (which were created by the sound being initially above the clipper threshold) gently disappear with the original sound. This creates a very sonically pleasing distortion.
In a typical guitar amplifier the preamp is usually fixed. In Redoptor it is not. Redoptor allows the cut-off point for low and high tones to be set before the signal is amplified.
Redoptor is not just for guitarists - who usually only require a mono signal path for distortion. Redoptor is a fully functioning stereo tube distortion with an independent path for each channel in the stereo signal. This allows each channel to have completely different harmonics and distortion added to it. Try doing this with synth sounds – the timbre will sound much more defined.
Thanks to the perfect emulation of the electronic circuits within the various guitar amplifiers used to design and create Redoptor Redoptor sounds as good as its real-world analog equivalent.  Guitarists will appreciate the quality of Redoptor. For them the amplifier is indispensible.  However other instrumentalist and sound designers will also welcome the high quality distortion rich harmonics and attitude which Redoptor brings to their sounds.  Use Redoptor on guitar drum loops arpeggiated sequences synthetic or acoustic sounds and you’ll hear its warm rich and truly unique character.
  • Exact tubes and tube's circuits emulation
  • Cross fade between tube and the transistor distortion
  • Adjustable power of new harmonics
  • Tunable preamp filters
  • Fully equipped parametric equalizer
  • Presets organised into groups
  • Midi learn function
  • 64bit internal processing
  • Multi-mode distortions quality adjustment