SugarBytes Sugar Bytes Cyclop [Download]




FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

Cyclop has landed. A powerful monster that has grown out of all the sounds in the universe. And with it comes bass — lots of it. Synthesis in its purest form. Spectral digital or fat analog. Use your own samples as a wavetable throw effect sequencer orgies drop on filters and make wobble basses never heard before. Cyclop is here to create new sound.


    • New kinds of modulators like the Wobble Generator and the Sound Knob.
    • FX-Sequencer also to be controlled by the FX-Knob.
    • 6 Synthesis Engines: Saw Regiment Analog Sync FM Transformer Spectromat Phase Stressor
    • 10 state of the art Filter types plus vowel mode.
    • Routing Module for Synth / Filter patching including Overdrive.
    • Sub Oscillator Bass Processor one-view modulation-flow.