Which Guitar Is Right for You?

So you're buying a new guitar? Whether it's your first one or you're adding to your collection, you have a big decision to make. Finding the guitar that best fits your style, tastes and needs is important. There are several factors that you should consider when looking for the right guitar for you.

Quite simply, your decision will be whether you want to get an acoustic, electric or classical guitar. Those three main types have variations as well. Here are some questions to ask yourself while you're out shopping for your new guitar.

What Genre of Music Will I Play?

What style of music do you intend to play the most? Do you like rock, folk or classical guitar music? Figuring out an artist that you want to replicate can help you make this decision.

Do you like the singer-songwriter style of John Mayer or Jack Johnson? If the answer is "yes," then an acoustic guitar would be best for you. If you like U2 or the Red Hot Chili Peppers' sound, an electric guitar would be a great pick. If John Williams' or Julian Bream's music interest you, then a classical guitar would the best fit.

What Is My Skill Level?

Your skill level will have a bigger effect on your decision than you think. If you've been playing for a long time, you'll probably be happy with most guitars. However, if you're just starting out or are buying a guitar for a child, certain ones would suit you better.

A smaller guitar would be much easier for a beginner to handle, and nylon strings would be much easier on the hands. Unlike steel strings, nylon strings will be gentler on your hands while you build up the finesse (and calluses) that frequent players have.  A good beginner guitar to check out is the Fender Standard Player Stratocaster.

What Size Will I Need?

How big your body and hands are should help you find the right guitar for you. If you're buying a guitar for a child or are on the petite side yourself, a small-bodied guitar with a thinner neck would be the best fit. If you buy a guitar that is too big, it will be difficult to handle, more difficult to play and may discourage you. On the flip side, a guitar that is too small would be uncomfortable to play and could be hard on your hands.

The different types of guitars all have a variety of body sizes, giving you the option of finding one that's the best fit.

What Is My Budget?

Decide how much you intend to spend before starting to look at guitars at all. You wouldn't want to get into a store and find a guitar you love, only to see that it's out of your budget.

Like other types of products, guitars come in a variety of price ranges. You could spend thousands of dollars on an instrument, but you can also find an excellent guitar at a fair price. There is an instrument to fit every budget, making the guitar a very accessible instrument to interested musicians.

What Type of Look Do I Like?

Aesthetically, guitars come in a huge range of shapes and colors. They're made from several types of materials, giving you the selection of finding the one with a look that you love. However, you shouldn't buy on looks alone.

If you find a guitar with a look that you love, but it's much more expensive than guitars similar to it, you should ask yourself why it's that much more expensive. Is it made from a much more difficult-to-find material? Is it part of a signature collection? Is it really worth the higher price?

And on the other hand, you shouldn't buy a guitar that you think is ugly. This will be yours until you decide to get rid of it, so you should like the way it looks. You can also get a handcrafted and beautiful custom built guitar at the Fender Custom Shop. Bananas at Large is proud to be the exclusive Northern California dealer for these made to order guitars.


Test Them Out

Before buying your guitar, you should test it out in person. An instrument may look great online, but it might not handle or sound as good as you'd like. When you visit a store, you can also get help from the people working there. They can give you helpful tips that could help you make the right decision.

At Bananas at Large®, we have the experience and inventory to help you find the perfect guitar. Visit us in-store or online today for great deals and great service, too. We offer a wide variety of options such as FenderSquier and Gretsch.

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