Meet Teal Collins

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Genres: All Genres
Instrument: Guitar, Ukulele, and Voice
Specialties: Rock & Blues
Available: Tuesdays in San Rafael

**Teal begins scheduling for in store lessons 12/14/21 on Tuesdays only

Lesson Rates

Guitar & Ukulele  /     Voice
30 min : $50 /     $60
45 min : $60 /     $70
60 min : $75 /     $90

Meet Teal Collins

My vocal method focuses on creating scale-based vocal exercises that are tailored to your range - after we focus on the technical aspect of singing, we can work on songs together that you love, and even record them using your own voice to stack harmonies, and you can learn about the recording process.

All levels welcome! I hope to give you great techniques that will help you sing the way you want to as well as strengthening the voice, your confidence, develop strength in the range you already possess while bringing out the natural sound of your voice!

Whether you are a beginner and are looking for some tips on becoming comfortable with your voice, have studied with other teachers and still have unresolved issues with your voice, or if you are performing every night and need techniques to improve stamina / endurance, even if your voice is fine and you just want to develop your range, acquire better tone or control, this method will help you be the singer you know you can be!

Develop GREAT habits that strengthen and inspire!!! It is fun and energizing to connect with your voice- it is your own unique sound, and music feeds the spirit!

Get to know Teal Collins

How did you get started in music?

”My dad was Disc Jockey- Al “Jazzbeaux” Collins, and I was exposed at an early age to a lot of music. When I was 5 years old he starting teaching me the Ukulele, and I took right to it, mostly learning Jazz standards."

What artist inspired you when you were first learning to play?

“The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Nat King Cole - Then came Zeppelin my All-time favorite.”

How long have you been playing?

“Many, many years- but as a professional musician since I was 17.”

What is your favorite genre to play and why?

I love ROCK, R&B, POP, COUNTRY- So many types, it’s hard for a music lover to narrow this question down- But anything that grabs my ear and makes me feel something! I can find something to love in many songs and genres.”

What is your favorite song to play right now?

Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd & Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John. Both songs on the Ukulele have chords that flow together nicely and the melodies have so much movement that they're fun to sing too.

What made you decide to start teaching?

“My voice teacher back in the day really helped me to sing without damaging my voice and I’d like to help others get in touch with their voices - Ukulele is really fun to teach too because you can learn so many songs so quickly by knowing just a few chords!”

Are you in any bands? 

The Mother TruckersThe Whiskey SistersAmerican HoneyRock Steady SF, The Boombox…."

What tidbits would you like to share?

“When I was 16 years old my dad called up Les Paul and told him “My daughter Teally is learning guitar Les, you got anything you could send her?” so Les Paul sent me a 1979 “The Paul” guitar, which I love and used for many years while touring with The Mother Truckers.

What is the best advice you can give to a beginning player who is just starting? 

“The word “Practice” you shouldn’t think of as a bummer, but a totally fun thing to do where you are feeling songs, notes, words, and the beautiful magical energy of music resonating with your soul! Sounds kinda hippie-dippy, but it’s true! It can be a pure thing for your enjoyment as a being, or you can share your gift with others----”

What is the best advice you would give to an established performer? 

“This goes double for me too - Come prepared to perform the material, be warmed up, ready, and easy to work with at all times! 

What is your “gigging” instrument and equipment and why?  

Right now I have a Mitchell Concert Ukulele, Fishman Acoustic amp, any number of microphones…. I have been enjoying the in-ear monitors by Westone.

Need help booking a lesson? Email or call us at (415) 457-7600 x 104 


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