Vox V846-HW Hand-Wired Wah Pedal



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FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

The legendary V846 is back and it’s better than ever. Introducing the V846-HW: The ultimate Wah Wah pedal for the tone enthusiast featuring hand-wired turret board construction and premium components.

Key Features
• A premium rebirth of the classic VOX 846 Wah Wah.
• The pedal that continues to be loved by legendary guitarists around the world
• Hand-wired turret board construction uses absolutely no printed circuit boards
• True bypass circuit eliminates loss in audio quality when bypassed
• Vintage spec Halo type inductors reproduce the distinctive sound of the classic V846
• New VOX potentiometer design provides precise control and excellent reliability
• Low-noise carbon composite resistors (made in Japan by KAMAYA ELECTRIC CO. LTD)
• High-quality polyester film capacitors
• Foot switch made by Carling Technology chosen for its durability and unbeatable feel underfoot
• Solid and trustworthy jacks made by Switchcraft®

Hand Wired Artistry
The internal circuitry of the V846-HW uses no printed circuit boards whatsoever; the hand-wired turret board construction requires a high level of craftsmanship technical skill and precise manual assembly. Labor intensive this hand-wiring artistry creates an ideal and efficient signal path. Responding to every nuance of the guitarist's touch the V846-HW is truly the ultimate Wah Wah pedal.

True Bypass
Designed as a premier pedal for the tone purist the V846-HW provides a true bypass circuit to meet the needs of today's guitarist. Any coloration of the sound or loss in audio quality when the Wah Wah function is off has been totally removed.

Vintage-Spec Inductor; Smooth Potentiometer
The inductor is the heart of every VOX Wah Wah pedal. The V846-HW uses a specially-voiced vintage-spec Halo type inductor. The carefully selected magnetic core material and winding ensures a perfect reproduction of the original V846's Wah sound the sound sought after by guitarists around the world. The potentiometer is a VOX original that features a distinctive response and is sealed for durability. Thanks to a remarkably smooth curve the region at the very beginning of the pedal's travel – a region difficult for conventional Wah Wah pedals – is assured sensitive response with an unprecedentedly fine degree of control.

Premium Components offer Maximum Sound Potential
Carbon composite resistors (made in Japan by KAMAYA ELECTRIC CO. LTD) are used for their extremely low noise and uncolored sound. As in the VOX Hand-Wired Series amps high-spec polyester film capactitors are used. The high-quality footswitch made by Carling Technologies was selected for both its reliability and its good feel underfoot. The Switchcraft® jacks are well-known and trusted for their sturdy bushings simple construction and high reliability. Together these carefully selected components come together in the amazing V846-HW the ideal embodiment of the Wah Wah pedal that only VOX can provide.