Airturn DIGIT with ATFS-2 Pedals and Pedal Board




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FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

Step ahead handily with the DIGIT pedal board for tablets and computers. Ditch the index cards face the camera and read your scripts hands-free. Or have the freedom to walk around on stage while controlling your presentation. With the DIGIT the choice is yours. Smart: It’s hands-free controller. No wait it’s a handheld remote. With the DIGIT it’s actually both. Use the DIGIT with the ATFS-2 pedals to control apps while standing or sitting. Or detach the DIGIT from its pedal board and use the handheld buttons when you need the freedom to move around. It’s nice to have options. Sleek: No messy cables to clutter your setup. The DIGIT connects wirelessly to tablets or computers up to 60 feet away using secure Bluetooth technology. And its internal rechargeable battery keeps you going for up to 100 hours. Silent: No one else needs to know right? The dual ATFS-2 pedals connected to the DIGIT are designed to be drop-dead silent. Their “mechanism-free” design means no clicks no squeaks and no distractions. And the membrane buttons on the DIGIT are just as silent so the focus is on your presentation not your remote. Simple: Turn it on pair it up get to work. Already paired? Then it’s even simpler – just turn it on and go. The right pedal turns pages forwards and the left one goes backwards. Sturdy: Made of the same materials as bullet-proof glass the ATFS-2 pedals are nearly indestructible and built for lead-foot stompers. The non-slip pedal board keeps it all together. Best of all? The DIGIT and ATFS-2 are made in the USA with a 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. The DIGIT works with nearly 100 apps for iPad iPhone Android tablets and Bluetooth-equipped Mac and PC computers for page turns teleprompters music playlists camera control and so much more! Explore Apps for iPad iPhone Android Mac & PC | Read the Manual Package includes BT-105 DIGIT transceiver on pedal board with two ATFS-2 pedals USB charging cable Quick Start Guide Instruction manual