Bosphorus EBC Series 13 in. Noisey Hats



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Bosphorus EBC Series 13 in. Noisey Hats
EBC Series consist from original and uniquely designed cymbals for today’s trending musical needs such as electronic techno and groovy music and offers a new solution with acoustic cymbals for many genres which usually filled up with electronic equipment. Also each cymbal of the line will be a strong alternative individually for the drummers who are seeking for new sounds for their drum sets. There are 3 different rides 2 crashes 1 china and a pair of hi-hats in the line and we believe each cymbal will be very attractive for many drummers all over the World.

Very thick bottom hat also with huge and heavy cup. The top hat has also the same size cup but it is a thinner one. Very very strong middle frequency because ofnthe huge cup of the top hat and very long resonance. Hard attack but not that typical high sounded hats like usually in rock kinds of music. Lathed and hammered surface. The backside of both hats are natural. The bottom hat only lathed not hammered. Ideal for playing any kinds of modern groovy music. The most special character is also that kind of white noise effect sound. Very sensitive fast and strong hi-hat! You can also hit the huge cup of the top hat as the main surface in certain kinds of situation.