CUSH Pad Black Starter Pack 1 HH Set, 2 Crash Cymbals, 1 Ride (9pcs)

by Sonall Percussion
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CUSH Pads are an affordable way to improve the sound of your existing cymbals by replacing the standard tone-dampening felts that come with cymbal stands. Felts dampen the sound of your cymbals and attenuate the lovely overtones that your instrument produces. These products are made of a far less costly material and this material naturally dampens the inherent overtones and harmonics of your cymbals. CUSH pads do not collapse or distort when you place your cymbals on them. They have a low Compression Set in short they do not stay bent when you bend them or lose their shape from the weight of a cymbal they return to their shape right away. Sonall worked very hard to formulate the perfect durometer on the material it is soft enough to give you the right feedback and feel when you strike your cymbal. The CUSH pads are also NOT a cellular material they are a solid material that has been extruded lathe-cut and properly ground down even the edges have a nice finish. Since the material is solid and does not have any air pockets in it the pad will NOT collapse on you or take shape. Your cymbals will NOT start tilting. Your Hi-Hats will stay exactly how you set them. No more having to spin your hi-hat around to get it to sit straight. Sonall’s special material also naturally allows the cymbal to ring the way the cymbal smith intended the instrument to ring and sound. Sonall also uses a much smaller pad on the top since the pad is strong enough to withstand the cymbal whipping back and striking the wing nut but its smaller circumference is one more step in allowing the cymbal to ring accurately. Listen to your cymbals! They have something to say.

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